Worldwide DVD releases Part 2

By Michel Pathuis.


A54089-2 (Warner Home Video, Lightyear) - 2000

At the heart of the show was an informal sit-down jam session reuniting Elvis with early bandmates Scotty Moore and D.J.Fontana, accompanied by Elvis' long-time friends and associates Alan Fortas and Charlie Hodges. They perform, they reminisce, they laugh in a relaxed, intimate setting in front of a small audience. Only parts of this jam-session were used in the final edit of the television special. In 1984, Steve Binder, who was the show's original producer/director, and his associate Claude Ravier produced and expanded version of this jam - session segment, restoring much of what had been edited out in the interest of air time in 1968. This new edition of the jam-session segments first aired in 1985 as an HBO special all its own entitled Elvis' One night with you and was later released on homevideo.

collector's note: Elvis' performance of "Are you lonesome tonight" has been deleted from this edition of the DVD package.

Song-index: opening 1.That's all right 2.heartbreak hotel 3.Love me 4.Baby, what you want me to do 5.Blue suede shoes 6.Lawdy miss Clawdy 7.When my blue moon turns to gold again 8.Blue Christmas 9.Trying to get to you 10.One night 11.Memories.


A54088-2 (Warner Home Video, Lightyear) - 2000

Usually referred to as The '68 special or The '68 Comeback. the actual name of this landmark television special was Elvis. Taped in June 1968, it first aired the following December 3rd on NBC TV. It stands as one of the great television moments in rock music history and a stunningly brilliant milestone in Elvis Presley's carreer. Elvis rocked the world in the 1950's, a leader among musicians who brought about a revolution in music and pop cultere. Through most of the 1960's he concentrated mainly on his movie carreer, which was very successful, but had become a grind and had not given him many opportunities to proof himself as a serious acter. By 1968, it had been more than 7 years since Elvis had appeared on stage in front of a live audience. In this television special Elvis plays his greatest role - simply being himself. Appearing on stage alone and in jam sessions reuniting him with early bandmates Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, Elvis performs his classic rock and pop hits, introduces new material and reminisces about his carreer. There's a rousing gospel segment, a semi autobiographical production number, and, as the final, Elvis passionate performance of "If I cane dream". The voice. The energy. The moves. The look. The charisma. The attitude. To many, this show represents Elvis Presley at his very best. After this triumph Elvis pored renewed creative vigor into his recording work, wrapped up his movie contract oblications and returned full-time to the concert stage, beginning a new and exciting era of his carreer.

collector's note: Elvis' performance of "Are you lonesome tonight" has been deleted from this edition of the DVD package.

Song-index: opening 1.Trouble/Guitar man 2.Lawdy miss Clawdy 3.Heartbreak hotel 4.Hound dog 5.All shook up 6.Can't help falling in love 7.Jailhouse rock 8.Don't be cruel 9.Love me tender 10.Sometimes I feel like a motherless child/Where could I go but to the Lord/Up above my head/I found that light/Saved 11.That's all right 12.Tiger man 13.Trying to get to you 14.Baby, what you want me to do 15.One night 16.Memories 17.Nothingville/Guitar man/Let yourself go/Big boss man/It hurts me/Little Egypt/Trouble 18.If I can dream.


A54087-2 (Warner Home Video, Lightyear) - 2000

On January 12, 1973, Elvis performed in concert at the Honolulu International center, but it was more than just another stop on a very busy concert tour schedule. This performance served as a full dress rehearsal for a similar but expanded show that would take place two days later, the historic global television special Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite. Audience tickets for both the rehearsal show and broadcast show carried no price. Each audience member was asked to pay whatever he or she could afford. The full proceeds from tickets and concert merchandise sales were designated to benefit the Kui Lee Cancer Fund in Hawaii. At least $75.000 (a handsome sum in 1973 dollars) was raised, a fact Elvis proudly states during bith shows as he segues into his rendition of I'll remember you, a hit by singer/songwritter Kuiokalaani Lee (Kui Lee). Seen in 40 countries by 1,5 billion people, the Aloha from Hawaii television special remains one of Elvis Presley's most celebrated performances and has long been available on home video. But, it was not until 1997 that the rehearsal show was officially released on home video. The alternate Aloha concert is not only a fine performance in and of itself, but also gives viewers an intimate opportunity to share in the energy and excitement od a great and magical entertainer at the threshold of a monumental event in his career.

collector's note: Elvis' performance of I'm so lonesome I could cry in the concert have been deleted from this edition of the video package.

Song-index: opening 1.See see rider 2.Burning love 3.Something 4.You gave me a mountain 5.Steamroller blues 6.My way 7.Love me 8.It's over 9.Blue suede shoes 10.Hound dog 11.What now, my love 12.Fever 13.Welcome to my world 14.Suspicious minds 15.I'll remember you 16.An American trilogy 17.A big hunk O'love 18.Can't help falling in love, Closing credits.

ALOHA FROM HAWAII, via Satellite

A54086-2 (Warner Home Video, Lightyear) - 2000

Elvis made television and entertainment history with his Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - via satellite concert special. Performed at the Honolulu international Center Arena on January 14, 1973 at 12;30 AM Hawaiian time, it was beamed live via Globecam satellite to Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, South Vietnam and other counties, and was seen on a delayed basis in approximately thirty Europian counties. The first American airing was April 4th on NBC-TV. It was worldwide ratings smash and the soundtrack album went to number one on the billboard album chart. The American broadcast attracted 51% of the television viewing audience and was seen in more American households than man's first walk on the moon. In all, it was initially seen in approximately forty countries by 1 -to- 1,5 billion people. Over the years rebroadcasts and home video distribution have allowed the show to reach millions upon millions more. Entertainment events presented live via satellite are common today, but in 1973, this was a first. Never before had one performer held the word's attention in such a way. Possibly no one has since. Aloha from Hawaii presents Elvis Presley at the pinnacle of his superstardom, giving one of the most outstandin concert performances of his career.

collector's note: Elvis' performance of I'm so lonesome I could cry, I can't stop loving you and Johnny B. goode in the concert have been deleted from this edition of the video package.

Song-index: opening 1.See see rider 2.Burning love 3.Something 4.You gave me a mountain 5.Steamroller blues 6.My way 7.Love me 8.It's over 9.Blue suede shoes 10.Hound dog 11.what now, my love 12.Fever 13.Welcome to my world 14.Suspicious minds 15.I'll remember you 16.Long tall Sally/Whole lotta shakin' goin on 17.An American trilogy 18.A big hunk O'love 19.Can't help falling in love, Closing credits. Bonus songs: 1.Blue Hawaii 2.Hawaiian wedding song 3.Ku-ku-i-po 4.Early morning rain 5.No more.


74321-13988-9 (BMG special product) - 2000

Color, 65 minutes.

Studio: Documentary
Run Time: 65 minutes
Production Company: BMG special product & AIX media group
DVD Encoding: Region 1
Color: Black & White & Color.
Widescreen Letterboxed: no
Full Screen (Standard): yes
Layers: yes
Available Audio Tracks: English (5.1 surround)
Available subtitles: English
Theatrical trailer(s): 

Elvis in Hollywood is a fascinating, inside look at Elvis' movie career of the 50's, featuring great performances from the films "Love me tender, Loving you, Jailhouse rock & King creole" in-depth candid interviews with his first manager and guitarist Scotty Moore, Colonel Parker's assistant Trude Forsher, songwritters Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, long-time friend George Klein, girlfriend June Juanico & director Hal Kanter.

Elvis in Hollywood includes rare never-seen outtakes, home movies & photograps, offering a unique - behind the scenes - view of the world's greatest entertainer during his early motion picture career.

Chapter-index:1.Boyhood dreams 2.The colonel 3.Uncle Milty 4.Back to the music 5.Loving you 6.Mom and Dad 7.Jailhouse rock 8.Choreography 9.Upsetting iragedy 10.Drafted 11.Collage 12.End credits


MDV 161 (NBC home video, medusa pictures) - 1999

Digitally re-mastered for superior sound and picture quality, Lovin' you is a genuine Elvis classic and an absolute 'must have' for any true fan of the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll from the days when he was lean, mean and magnificent and had a hip wiggle that drove the girls crazy. Only Preslye's second ever feature film and his first in colour, this rocking romance uncannily mirrors Elvis's own explosion onto the music scene and rocket ride to fame and fortune. His raw animal presence leaps sensationally from the screen in the all-dancing story of humble boy turned rock 'n' roll star Deke Rivers - featuring the hit songs Teddy bear, Got a lot of livin' to do, Hot dog, Mean woman blues, Party and of course, the tender ballad Lovin' you.

First released in the cinema in 1957, the movie showed Elvis had genuine acting talent with his gritty and emotional portrayal of a simple country boy catapulted to stardom. Interestingly, two versions of the title song were recorded for the film and, although two versions are on the complete fifties masters, both are shorter than the 2 minutes 12 seconds on-screen version here!

Scene-index:1.Opening titles 2.Fuss 'n' fancy 3.singin' up a storm 4.A tempting offer 5.250 miles to longhorn 6.Whirlwind medley 7.Lonesome cowboy 8.Kick back 9.Simmer down 10.Fighting talk 11.Stealin' a kiss 12.Divided loyalties 13.I need somebody 14.Painful revalation 15.stirrin' up a story 16.A crisis of conscience 17.Watch out in the clinches! 18.Off-road dilemma 19.Performance of a lifetime 20.Destiny fulfilled.

Song-index: 1.Got a lot of living to do 2.Let's have a party 3.Medley: Let's have a party/Teddy bear/Got a lot of living to do/Hot dog 4.Lonesome cowboy 5.Hot dog 6.Mean woman blues 7.Teddy bear 8.Loving you 9.Loving you (on stage version) 10.Got a lot of living to do (reprise).


906612 (MGM/UA Home video) - 1998

Two time Oscar winner Denis Sanders directs this thrilling rockumentary that takes you along and behing the scenes for Elvis Presley's recordbreaking 1970 concert tour. See rock 'n' roll's most legendary entertainer at his charismatic best as he relaxes and jokes with his band during rehearsals. Be front-row, center, when Elvis unleashes his incomparable talent and showmanship on the stage of Las Vegas' International hotel and elsewhere. Visit with fansfrom all over the world as they meet at the annual Elvis Presley Appreciation Society Convention. And re-discover your own favorites from among the film's twenty-seven songs.

Scene selections: 1.Opening logos 2.Main title 3.Good morning, Hollywood camera 4.Bonafide fans of Elvis 5.I JUST CAN'T HELP BELIEVING 6.Elvis' summer festival 7.YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELIN' 8.A romantic wedding 9.Opening night jitters 10.THAT'S ALL RIGHT MAMA 11.I'VE LOST YOU 12.PATCH IT UP 13.When I first started... 14.LOVE ME TENDER 15.YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELIN' 16.SWEET CAROLIN 17.YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME 18.The Presley fans in Vegas 19.Elvis impersonators 20.BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER 21.HEARTBREAK HOTEL 22.ONE NIGHT WITH YOU 23.BLUE SUEDE SHOES 24.ALL SHOOK UP 25.POLK SALAD ANNIE 26.Elvis mingles with his audience 27.SUSPICIOUS MINDS 28.CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE 29.End credits.


906611 - 1998

One of the first films to capture Elvis' raw energy and explosive power, Jailhouse Rock gave the rock 'n' roll idol a chance to "shake it up" on screen with his invigorating music and inimitable style. It's a mesmerizing story of hard loving and fast living...and an unforgettable look at Elvis in a role as dynamic as his own life story. Sent the prison for accidentally killing a man, young Vince Everett (Elvis) takes up singing behind bars. But everything gets "all shook up" when he crosses paths with a beautiful record label talent scout (Judy Tyler) in this fast-paced musical drama featuring seven rock 'n' roll classics including "I want to be free, Don't leave me now, Baby I don't care and the blistering smash Jailhouse rock".

Scene selections: 1.Opening logos 2.Main title 3.The sugar man 4.trouble in a dress 5.The fight 6.Sentencing/Hunk 7.ONE MORE DAY 8.YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL 9.I WANNA BE FREE 10.Food fight 11.Freedam/The letters 12.The exploitation "man" 13.YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (reprise) 14.DON'T LEAVE ME NOW (take 1) 15.DON'T LEAVE ME NOW (take 2) 16.At Peggy's parants 17.Vince's voice change 18.TREAT ME NICE 19.The girl's got other plans 20.Hunk returns 21.JAILHOUSE ROCK 22.ONE MORE DAY (reprise) 23.Climax studios 24.The debu-detente 25.BABY, I DON'T CARE 26.The way the mop flops 27.Teaching vince a lesson 28.YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (finale).


906615 (MGM/UA Home video) - 1997

He's a race car driver out to win the las Vegas Grand prix. She's the sexy swim instructor who really gets his engine going. But can he keep his mind on the contest when it's really his heart that's racing? Elvis and Ann-Margret put the sizzle in the Strip in this razzle-dazzle Las Vegas extravaganza featuring ten sensational hits including: The lady loves me, What'd I say, C'mon everybody and the smash Viva Las Vegas.

In his second film shot in 1963, the "Presley formula" -lavish scenery, leggy woman and lighthearted plotlines- hit its highest note. One of his most popular and well received movies, Viva Las Vegas was his 14th film, though it was released as his 15th (Kissin, Cousins hit theaters just before it). In an interview given that year, Elvis put it most succinctly: I've had intellectuals tell me I've got to progress as an actor, but not know, a certain type of audience likes me. I entertain them with what I'm doing, I'd be a fool to tamper with that kind of succes.

Scene selections: 1.Opening logos 2.Main title/VIVA LAS VEGAS 3.Lucky's got the dough 4.I intend to win 5.A real sporty model 6.The search is on 7.When lucky goes marching in 8.THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS 9.Diving right in 10.THE LADY LOVES ME 11.Poverty suchs 12.Poolside waiter 13.Pusty rocks 14.C'MON EVERYBODY 15.Courtship on land, sea and air 16.Getting to know you 17.TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER 18.THE CLIMB 19.WHAT'D I SAY 20.Racing with rusty 21.Kitten with a quip 22.Fickle me, Elmo 23.IF YOU THINK I DON'T NEED YOU 24.APPRECIATION 25.VIVA LAS VEGAS 26.I NEED SOMEBODY TE LEAN ON 27.I got it! 28.MY RIVAAL 29.Rusty - and only 30.The Las Vegas Grand Prix 31.Down for the count 32.Lucky strikes.


Elvis: The complete story is a unique look at all 33 feature films made by the one and only "King of Rock and Roll". The familiar history take on a new and vibrant feel as the words and thoughts of elvis guide you through his meteoric rise to the rural south, to his gift to the world of a new kind od music. We ride the souped up Cadillac of succes from the backroads of Memphis to gold paved streets of Hollywood. Film clips and scenes from his picture highlight Presley's rise to fame and provide a look at the real Elvis behind the mask of the superstar. Featured is Elvis' debut performance in Love me tender, leading the dramatic roles in Loving you and Jailhouse rock, character parts in King Creole and Flaming star and continuing on to the colorful adventure comedies of G.I.Blues, Viva Las Vegas, and Kid Galahad. Many other films followed through the years, until finally, Elvis regained his position as the world's top entertainer in his last two mega-hit live performance films: Elvis on tour and Elvis, That's the way it is. You will see a caring and tormented artist, beloved by millions, who could never come to terms with himself. You will witness his devotion to his mother, his generosity, his mood swings, and his unstoppable musical genius. This outstanding, two hour documentary special also features original music, rare early television appearances, behind-the-scenes footage, and insightful interviews with some of the King's most famous co-stars.

ELVIS 56, limited edition version.

74321-52413 2 (BMG video, Lightyear) - 1996

1956 was Elvis Presley's breakthrough year. Elvis 56 includes his early television performances on the Dorsey Brother Show and the Ed Sullivan Show, and features rare early recordings and exclusive footage captured during the amazing year when Elvis became a star and chaged the face of popular music forever!

Song-index: 1.Introduction/An American trilogy/Baby what you want me to do/Blue suede shoes/Good rockin' tonight/Heartbreak hotel 2.Shake ratlle and roll/Hott diggity dog diggity 3.Baby let's play house 4.Heartbreak hotel/Blue moon/Blue suede shoes 5.Hound dog 6.He's only a prayer away/Lawdy miss Clawdy 7.Hound dog 8.Don't be cruel/Trying to get to you/Anyway you want me 9.Shake ratlle and roll/Ready Teddy/Love me tender 10.Ready Teddy/Love me tender/Heartbreak hotel/Don't be cruel 11.There'll be peace in the valley for me/Love me/My baby left me.